CPT ECS™ Glock .125 Square Set (Enhanced Combat Sight)

CPT ECS™ Glock .125 Square Set (Enhanced Combat Sight)



All sight sets will come with a red fiber optic installed. An extra red and green rod are provided as well.

*** Not compatible with Glock MOS variants ***


  • USA 4140 steel

  • Rear notch is .125 wide in a square cut out for maximum target acquisition

  • Front Blade is .110 wide with a .060 fiber rod

  • Finish is Black Nitride (Melonite)

I have run these sets on most variants of Glock models and all are within a 1-1 1/2” POA/POI.

Alterations to the firearm, aftermarket triggers, barrels, ammo, etc., as well as the ability of the shooter can have an impact on the shooters perceived point of aim, point of impact.

For those that want to dial the sights to you and your set up I recommend getting the rear only.

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