Pistol Barrel Crown

Pistol Barrel Crown


The Crown of the barrel is a crucial factor in maximizing the accuracy potential of any firearm. Match barrels typically have a better “production” crown, but is still typically around the .002 to .004 of being concentric to the bore. Any deviation from being as close to an absolute zero of concentricity gives the gas to push to the non true side as it escapes the end of the muzzle.

I indicate off the groves of the barrel to ensure the best concentricity I can and then indicate to less than .00025 of an inch. Then by doing the reverse crown an added insurance is given to protect the new crown.

Pricing includes return shipping and handling in a USPS Small Flat Rate Box. All that is needed is the barrel only. Please do not ship anything other than the barrel and a printed copy of your order form. These will be a very quick turn around and with return shipping should not be any longer than 7 days once the barrel has been received.

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