Glock .140 Square ECS™ Set (Enhanced Combat Sight)

Glock .140 Square ECS™ Set (Enhanced Combat Sight)


Please note the color of the fiber rod you would like installed (green or red) at checkout. 


.140 Square rear notch

.110 Wide Front Blade with a .060 diameter fiber optic rod

Sights are made from USA 4140 Chromoly steel

Finish is a Black Nitride

Combat Precision ECS™ sights are compatible with all Glock model pistols except MOS slide variants.

I have run these on most all Glock models and have found that I am within 1 to 1 1/2" of my point of aim at 25yards. There are many variables that come into play with determining the point of aim and point of impact for shooters. If you are looking for a precise point of aim to point of impact based on your shooting style, pistol, and ammo, I would recommend getting just the Enhanced Combat Rear Sight only. 

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