Combat Precision,

Starts With You.

There hasn't been one build that without the customers input, attitude, and understanding would have not helped mold my craft and aided into a better build for the next client. When I say that Combat Precision starts with you it means just that. Without you there is no me.

So who is Chris James, and what is Combat Precision?


I started out in this adventure off of a dare. While the very first one was nothing more than a drop in parts kit, it was a way for me to learn the workings of the platform. That one lead to another and then to another. Soon friends would ask for work to be done and eventually I did my first full build. It was in 2009 that I started working on my first grip texture design and in 2010 I introduced the AGT™. The Aggressor grip treatment was my spin on a popular style that is referred to as golf balling. My treatment features a more unique cup shape rather than a ball. It is a little more aggressive feeling, but offers the most in allowing the shooter to manipulate the gun and get back to a controlled state. 

In 2010 I had first developed my ECS™ (Enhanced Combat Sight) version 1. It wasn't long after being in talks with a company to produce it that a very similar sight had come into the market. So back to the drawing board I went. I did further research with many types of shooters from Law Enforcement, Competitive Shooters, various Elite Military Units, and highly trained civilians. From there version 2 was drawn out and the first sight was out in 2012. 

It was later that year that I had gotten in contact with Chris Costa. I was fairly new at the time still and really wanted to have my work tested by someone that I knew would put rounds down the pipe and not be worrying about a scratch on it. We had many hours of phone conversations, emails and texts about what his likes were, and what he expected of the pistol. Project Retiarius was born. This was the first of three builds that have been stepping stones in elevating my work and the performance of the 1911 platform. 

It was in 2015 I was contacted by a new customer. He had a very clear vision of what he wanted and how he wanted it to be laid out. He is an avid 1911 collector and has a keen eye for details. It was with this customer and his wants that I was able to bring to life my Aggressor™ Checkering. It was a new treatment that I had thought up around the end of 2011 and was just like what the owner was thinking of for his new build. Project Parabola was born. This was the second of the three that has brought something new to my table. 

2017 started with my first Selection Series™ build. I have never been known as a traditionalist type builder and really wanted to offer my spin on that style. The first one featured two new items being brought to the table. Traditional hot bluing and handmade wood grips. It was a learning experience on the bluing and nerve racking on the grips. I learned a lot on both and look forward to the next Selection Series Build and further expanding my craft in both of these areas.