Who is CPT? 

James Family 2018

James Family 2018

My name is Chris James, I am Combat Precision. CPT was founded to offer a new age of craftsmanship and client experience that is like no other company. It is my goal to offer the most exclusive one-of-a-kind custom 1911's I can, while exceeding your expectations in both product and service. In addition to the 1911's I will also be offering my exclusive GWagon™ slide work for all standard and compact Glocks™, as well as building complete GWagon™ pistols. 

Chris James offers exceptional customer service and is a relentless perfectionist that builds rugged tools that are combat reliable and collector grade. He will guide you through the process helping to uncover the build you truly desire. Regardless if you are a collector or a performance shooter, Chris James is the craftsman and artist for your perfect 1911.
— S. Willard - Owner of Projects Easy Rider, Praxis, Parabola, C4, Game Changer (Featured in Complete Book of the Model 1911 Magazine June 2014) , Dasishō (2 pistol set), 918DS, Echelon

Owning multiple highend custom 1911’s, Spyder is along the rugged lines and style of Chuck Rogers. Fastback has a lot of elegance to it as if Chuck Rogers and Ted Yost were blended together. They are both great shooters. Project Elenaor shoots different and the point of impact to aim is unreal. Feels like I am pointing with my finger going bang. Unlike many other builders, Chris takes you along for the ride, and makes you a part of the process.
— M. Deans - Owner Projects Spyder, Fastback, Eleanor

As a 1911 afficiando, I have multiple high-end, full custom pistols
from a variety of highly skilled, and gifted artisans. Of my custom
guns, my Combat Precision pieces are among my favorite. I am the proud
owner of three Combat Precision 1911’s, and a fully customized Glock
17. Project “Odin Bravo One” was my entry into Chris’ work, and
quickly followed with a commission of Project: “Mr. & Mrs. Smith”,
where Chris brilliantly infused his talents to meet the requirements
of a very demanding husband/wife project. His Glock and 1911 work is
second to none, and I look forward to the next project we can realize
— S. Morrision (US Navy Seal) - Owner Projects OB1, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, G-Wagon™