The G-Wagon™ package is my spin on the world of modified custom Glocks.

The slide receives my signature slide work that features my Aggressor™ Treatment on both sides forward of the ejection port. As well as the back top section of the slide. The front top portion of the slide receives a window cutout.

The frame receives a full 360 grip texture with finger groove removal, and my proprietary undercut to help maximize control of the firearm. I also provide what I call my ATIC™ ( Angled Textured Index Cuts) which further aids in shooter control.

The factory barrel is re-crowned at a TIR of less than .0005". This helps increase accuracy by providing an even escape of gas around the projectile as it leaves the barrel.

When it comes to the trigger I am a fan of a manual over travel stop. I prefer the Ghost EVO Elite. I will be using these and doing what I feel benefits the Glock trigger system the best. 

Every G-Wagon™ is refinished with Cerakote to provide the best in corrosion protection. Other finishes are available on request. 

Currently only the slide package will be offered with me doing the full GWagon's as time permits. These will then be sold with a no time wait for the customer.