Here's just a small sampling of the diversity that can be achieved with the 1911 platform. These three builds have helped to elevate my craft, bring new ideas, features, and applications to the Combat Precision Custom 1911. 


Selection Series 2, Colt Series 70 Base

With the classic Colt used as the base gun, the original theme of this build was a retro classic design blended with a taste of modern techniques and specialty coatings.  Fitted with a one of a kind presentation grade Walnut grips, that were hand crafted in house, the end result was stunning. This was one of the most recent builds that with the keen eye for detail from an avid 1911 collector has yet again brought new lines, possibilities, and a higher degree of standards to the Combat Precision Custom 1911. 



Project: Parabola

The original owner of this project had a keen eye for detail and direction he wanted to go. I had the grip texture in the works for years and was just waiting for the right project to come along for it to be applied to. Along with a one of a kind flat top and treatment, Project: Parabola host a number of small details from the indexing points, reverse angle mag release, custom textured trigger shoe and the heavily modified slide stop. All of which brought the build together and has now won a number of IDPA competitions for its new owner. 



Project: Retiarius

This was built for Chris Costa of Costa Ludus. The purpose was to find out a few things about the platform and my work. Anyone that knows Chris knows that he does not handle his tools with white gloves. He shoots them, and drives them hard. His expectations and demands are very high in both quality and function. If they don't perform to his standards, they don't get used. 

It was with this build that I discovered that some people really can feel the difference in a good trigger, a really good trigger, and a great trigger. That a shooter at a certain level has to have a tool more capable than they are. That just because another "known" smith does it one way it doesn't mean that it is the best way. 

This build was without a doubt a spring board into furthering my knowledge and elevating my craft.