A tribute pistol to Steve Morrison and Chuck Rogers. These two psitolsmith's are well known in the industry and have a huge following. 

I first came across Steve Morrison back around 2007 when an article was done by Sure Fire on his hardcore 1911 pistol named the THUG. It was this pistol that just did something for me and had me wanting more. 

It was about a year later when I came across Chuck Rogers. Chuck has what I would call a very industrial style. You can see clearly the detail that is put into his builds and having had the pleasure of handling a couple they run as good as they look. 

I have followed these two ever since and they have been cruical in the development of my style. I have established friendships with both gentleman and either one is always willing to share knowledge with me anytime. 

It is the bar they have set that work hard to raise. I hope one day that I will be able to be as influential as they have been to me, As well as to share the knowledge I have gained to others. 

Of course this being the All American Pistol, they name just happened to work for one of the most All American names ever!