Combat Precision®
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My name is Chris James. I founded Combat Precision with the intent of bringing the very best mix of old school craftsmanship with a blend of modern techniques to the custom 1911 platform.

I grew up with a Colt LW Commander 45 that always had that "special something" about it. Little did I know where that feeling would take me later in life. It was around turning 30 years old, while hanging out at the local range admiring one of my favorite 1911's, that a buddy and I started to discuss the more expensive semi custom and full custom 1911's. It was that night and a "dare" to build one that started be on the path of custom 1911's. 

The 1911 is a tool that is meant to be used. Every component of the 1911's I build are Purpose Driven, with a function first philosophy while not sacrificing reliability. Each section of the build complementing the next so that the end result is a one of a kind, hand built tool of the highest quality.  Just like my training in various martial arts, I have taken and applied the unique aspects of those disciplines as my foundation for CQC tactics. Each build of the 1911 is a continued lesson pulling from the various shooting and training communities to further push the bounds of the 1911 platform.