What do you want in a custom?

For me, it started years ago when I thought that a Wilson was a true custom 1911. It wasn't until I was exposed to a custom builder by the name of Chuck Rogers did I really start to understand what a custom 1911 really was. 

Years later and a lot of built 1911's I still search for what I want in a custom 1911. Everyone starts with the standards of reliability and accuracy, but do we really know what we want? 

For me it's pushing the bounds of tolerances that are so small it can be ruined quickly. It's consistently learning from the previous build and applying the what worked and getting rid of what didn't. An avalanche of desire to always be moving forward and seeing how high you can set your own bar. 

With so many options there is never a wrong answer. The 1911 platform is the ultimate blank canvas for anyone looking to invest in functional art that will outlast our lives and the next generation they are handed down to. 

So what do you want in your custom? 

Chris JamesComment